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Agricultural Science Paper 1, May/June 2009  
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General Comments

Majority of the candidates were unable to:  
  1. name farm tools that can perform functions similar to those of specimens H (Spade), I (Secateurs) and J (Open –ended spanner)
  2. describe how specimens I (Secateurs) and  J (Open –ended spanner) are used;
  3. describe specimens H (Spade) and  J (Open –ended spanner);
  4. enumerate advantages of using farm tools for farm work;
  5. list crops commonly attacked by specimen K (Rhinoceros beetle);
  6. mention ways of controlling specimens K (Rhinoceros beetle) and L (Rat);
  7. mention problems that a farmer may encounter in the management of animals which possess specimen O (Animal horn
The Chief Examiners recommended that:
  1. the teaching and learning of agriculture would become more effective when handled by qualified agricultural science teachers;
  2. teachers should pay particular attention to areas of farm mechanization in their instructions;the
  3. teaching and learning of agriculture should be made more practical oriented with adequate exposure of the candidates to modern ways of farming.
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