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Agricultural Science Paper 2, May/June 2009  
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General Comments

Most of the candidates were unable to:  

  1. explain what an agricultural system is;
  2. list agricultural systems practised in West Africa;
  3. state advantages and disadvantage of solar energy as s source of farm power;
  4. list tractor-coupled implements;
  5. mention effects of drought on plant growth and development;
  6. state ways in which soil properties is important in crop production (i.e. soil reaction and soil temperature);
  7. list soil conversion practices that can be used to control erosion on a gentle slope and explain how such practices can be used to conserve the soil;
  8. discuss briefly the problems associated with the use of poor quality planting materials;
  9. discuss the production of cocoa (Theobroma cacao) under the following headings (land preparation, climatic requirements, planting and one disease);
  10. define the term brooder as used in poultry production;
  11. list characteristics of a good layer;
  12. give the scientific names of fish species commonly stocked in a pond;
  13. state fishery regulations;
  14. explain what an inventory record is;
  15. state steps involved in the process of taking inventory;
  16. state ways in which inventory record is important in farm business;
  17. explain agricultural extension teaching methods such as news bulletin and agricultural shows

In view of the weaknesses noted above the chief examiners advised that:

(1)        the teaching and learning of agriculture should be made more practical oriented with adequate exposure of the candidates to modern ways of farming; 

(2)        excursion and field trips to agricultural institutions and commercial farms should form part of the course requirements for agricultural science in schools; 

(3)        agricultural science graduates should be made to teach the subject for an in-depth teaching and ease of learning.  

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