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Agricultural Science Paper 3, Nov/Dec 2008  
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General Comments

Candidates' Weakness

Majority of the candidates were unable to:
  • state the aim of the experiment;
  • name the soil type illustrated by diagram B (loamy soil);
  • state the conditions of soil samples A (clay) and B (loamy) when dry and moist;
  • state soil management practices that can be used to improve soil sample B
    (loamy soil);
  • name crops that can be successfully grown on soil sample A (clay soil);
  • identify the forms of storage structures I (crib); IV (rafter) and V (rhumbus);
  • state the advantages of using storage structure II (silo) over structure I (cribs);
  • describe how to construct storage structure III (barn);
  • state the principles that a farmer must observe when planning crop rotation;
  • give the main reason why cowpea is included in the rotation;
  • name crops that can be grown in place  of cowpea in the rotation;
  • give the causal organism, symptoms and control measures of diseases (foot and mouth, anthrax, ringworm, coccidiosis and rinderpest).

The Chief Examiners recommended that:

  1. the teaching and learning of agriculture would become more effective when handled by qualified agricultural science teachers;
  2. teachers should pay particular attention to areas of animal health in their instructions.
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