Agricultural Science Paper 3, Nov/Dec 2010  
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General Comments


There was no remarkable area of strengths exhibited by the candidates. However, candidates were able to:

- identify the soil types labeled A(Sandy soil); B(Clay soil) and C(Loamy soil).
- determine the water holding capacity of each of the soil types labeled A(Sandy Soil), B(Clay Soil); and C
 (Loamy Soil);
- interpret the pH value of each soil type as given in the table A (Acidic), B (Alkaline) and C (Neutral);
- give the most productive soil type with reasons;
- give the least productive soil type;
- identify the farm tool labelled A (Hand trowel)
- state the uses of farm tool A (Hand trowel);
- name the by-product obtained from the process in steps 2.
- state the use of the named by-product in small ruminants production;
- name the animal parasite labelled E(Tkk);
- state ways of controlling the parasite labeled E (Tick).


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