Auto Mechanics Paper 2,May/June 2010  
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General Comments

Question 2

(a)(i) Sketch a hydrometer.
(ii) Label four of its part.

(b) What is the state of charge of a battery cell for each of the following hydrometer readings?
(i) 1.240
(ii) 1.098
(iii) 1.265

(c) Name:
(i) the flammables gas given off by a lead-acid battery during charging.

(ii) three components of the lead-acid battery.

This question was extremely difficult for the candidates. They could not provide the expected responses to the various parts of the question. The required responses to the various parts are given below.

(a) (i & ii)

A hydrometer

(b) (i) 1.240 - Half charged
(i i) 1.098 - Discharged
(iii) 1.265 - Fully charged 

(c) (i) The flammable gas is hydrogen.
(ii) The components are casing, terminals, separators, plates. fine  caps and sediment traps or bridge

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