Auto mechanics Paper 2 May/June 2015

Question 1

(1)        (a)        List two types of lubricant used in an automobile industry.

(b)        Name the lubricant used in two parts of each of the following systems:

  • steering;
  • suspension;
  • transmission.


    (i)         State the meaning of SAE written on oil containers.
    (ii)         Explain the term SAE 20W/50.

    (d)        Name one tool used for greasing.


    Almost all the candidates attempted this question. 

    They performed well in parts (a) and (d) of the question.

    However their responses to parts (b) and (c) were not satisfactory.

    The required responses to these parts are:

    (b)        Two typical parts on which each lubricant is used in the

    (i)  Steering system include:

  • grease used on ball joints, kingpins, front hub assembly and steering rack and pinion;

  • gear oil or transmission oil used in steering gearbox.
  • (ii)  Suspension system include:

  • grease used on lower arms, upper arms and spring shackles;
  • penetrating oil used on leaf springs.

    (iii)  Transmission system include:

  • grease used on universal joints and propeller shafts;
  • gear oil, transmission or lubricating oil used on gearbox and rear-axle.

    (c) (i)     S.A.E mean Society of Automotive Engineers

    (c) (ii)    The term SAE 20W/50 refers to a multi-grade oil which resists thickening when the temperature decreases i.e. very cold temperature and thinning when the temperature increases i.e. at high temperature.