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Biology Paper 2, May/jun 2010  
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Question 7

(a)(i) What is placentation?[2 marks]
(ii)Name two organs associated with the human placenta.[2 marks]

(b)State five functions of the human placenta.[5 marks]

(c)Write sort notes on the following:
 (i) viviparty;
(iii)seasonal migration. [11 marks]


This was the more popular question in this section and candidates who attempted it had a fair performance.
Most candidates could define placentation and state some functions of the human placenta. A large number of candidates could not however state the organs associated with the human placenta namely umbilical cord and the uterus some candidates rather wrote ovary and so lost the mark. Vivaparitity and territoriality was fairly treated but in writing notes on seasonal migration m~y candidates omitted to state that migration was as a result of adverse conditions.
Expected answers were:
Seasonal migration
In many habitats food supply is affected by seasonal changes, food is abundant in rainy seasons but scare in dry seasons; animals overcome these seasonal food shortages by moving to other habitats during unfavourable seasons; such large scale seasonal movement of animals between habitats are called migrations; other causes of migrations are temperature changes; and breeding seasons.

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