Building Construction Paper 2, May/June. 2014  
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Question 2

  1. Define each of the following terms in relation to stair construction:
  1. pitch;
  2. headroom’
  3. waist;
  4. flight.


  1. Illustrate with sketches, two methods of fixing a baluster to the tread of a concrete stair.
  1. State two functional requirements of a roof.



Most candidates were able to:

            -           define the given terms used in stair construction;
            -           state the functional requirements of a roof.          

However, they were unable to use sketches to illustrate the methods of fixing a baluster to the tread of a concrete stair. 

The expected response to question 2 is as given below:

(a)       (i)         Pitch is the angle of inclination of a stair to the horizontal.

(ii)        Headroom is the minimum free space recommended for easy passage of people, furniture and goods.  It is measured 2 metres vertically from the line of nosing of a stair to the soffit of stair, landing or floor above it.

(iii)       Waist is the effective thickness of the inclined slab that forms a flight of stair, measured from the junction of tread and riser to the stair’s soffit.

(iv)       Flight consists of a series of uninterrupted steps between a floor and a landing or between two landings.





            (c)        Functional requirements of a roof

                        -           Fire resistance
                        -           Thermal insulation
                        -           Aesthetics
                        -           Rainwater exclusion
                        -           Durability.

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