Chemistry Paper 3,Nov/Dec 2010  
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General Comments


(1) Candidates' performance were affected by the following weaknesses:
(a) non adherence to rubrics;
(b) rampant spelling mistakes;
(c) lack of understanding of the demands of the questions;
(d) poor mathematical/manipulative skills;
(e) omission/wrong units;
(f) lack of understanding of significant figures;
(g) inability to differentiate theoretical knowledge from practical observations;
(h) inability to draw inferences from stated observations
(i) lackofknowledge of the underlying principles involved in the separation of mixture of NH4Cl(s). KCl(s) and PbCl2(s).

(2)    The following remedies were suggested to overcoming these weaknesses:
(a) Candidates should prepare adequately for examination;
(b) Candidates should familiarize with the examination syllabus;
(c)    Candidates should improve both their communication and mathematical skills.


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