Clothing and Textiles Paper 2, May/June 2014  
Questions: 1 2 3 4 5 6 Main
General Comments


The candidates’ weaknesses were on questions 1,2b,3, and 4 which were on explanation of fibre, yarn, fabric, staple yarn, filament yarn, ply- yarn guidelines for sewing polyester fabrics, sewing tools, examples of sewing tools, uses of seams, points to consider when choosing seams, examples of self  neatening seams suitable position on garment where each of the seams listed can be made, description of how to make an opening, ways of neatening an opening and difference between binding and piping, French seam and run and fell seam, shirring and smocking.

  • To overcome this weaknesses, teachers and students needs to be provided with relevant text books.
  • Students should cultivate reading culture and be ready to learn.
  • Teachers should also improve themselves by embracing the new technology.
  • Teachers should ensure they teach the students practicals and not only theory. They should do a lot of sketching on the board and give the students a lot of homework.
Teachers should attend workshop in order to update their knowledge, the laboratory in each school should be equipped with enough sewing tools

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