Clothing and Textiles 2, May/June 2015

Candidates' Weakness

Candidates could not identify nor explain the terms i.e. invisible seam, double stitched seam and edge stitching properly.  They could not also suggest suitable seams for:

  1. setting-in sleeves;
  2. setting-in yokes;
  3. side seam of a denim skirt.


Almost all the candidates did not attempt to respond to the explanation of how some features on garments can influence the appearance of a thin tall figure.  The practical aspects of the questions were not answered correctly.

The teachers should expose the students to practical and give close supervision.  Schools should provide or improvise equipment that are not available so that the teachers could involved the students in practical activities as remedy for overcoming the weaknesses. Teachers should be encouraged to teach practical aspects of the subject properly so that the students will be interested in the subject and perform better.