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Electronics Paper 2, Nov/Dec. 2009  
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General Comments

Question 4

  1. Explain the term compatibility  with reference to a T.V. receiver.
  2. List any seven block stages in a colour T.V. receiver.

The expected answers were:

  1. Explanation of compatibility


    A property of colour television system which permits unaltered     monochrome receivers to receive substantially normal monochrome     from the transmitted signal.

  1. Seven block stages in colour T.V. receivers
  2. Tuner
  3. IF amplifier
  4. Video detector
  5. Sound IF
  6. Sound detector
  7. AF amplifier
  8. Colour detector
  9. Synchronizing separator
  10. Vertical oscillator
  11. Line output
  12. EHT
  13. Horizontal oscillator

The question was on communication systems. Only a few attempted the   question. The performance was below average.

The few candidates that attempted it failed to know the term compatibility as the ability of monochrome systems to receive colour TV signals and the functional parts of colour TV systems as described in block diagram arrangements.


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