Garment Making Paper 2, May/June 2015

Candidates' Weakness

Many candidates could not respond correctly to suitable seams for constructing the following:

(i) undergarment

(ii) children's garment

(iii) men's shirt

(iv) jeans

(v) shoulder line.

Candidates could not list the basic stitches and give examples correctly, indicating pattern markings on skirt pattern and also mentioning the types of figure and colours to avoid by a tall and slender girl.

Candidates should devote more time to their studies. They should buy and read relevant books. Teachers should also teach by demonstrating and involving learners in practical activities. Learners should be made to produce sample album on basic stitches and seams to facilitate learning.

They should be taught pattern development and how to correctly indicate pattern symbols on such patterns as remedy for overcoming the weaknesses.