Geography Paper 1 ,Nov/Dec 2010  
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General Comments


Some weaknesses observed in the candidates' scripts included:
(1) Poor interpretation of topographical maps
Many candidates performed poorly on the compulsory question. Such candidates did not know that they had to reduce the topographical map given to them. Map work is a compulsory aspect of Geography that must not be handled carelessly; time must be devoted for serious practices that will make the candidates familiar with the various aspects of map work. Candidates are advised to start reading their books on time in preparation for the examination.
(2) Inadequate explanation of points
Some candidates merely listed points as answer to the questions. Candidates should understand that whenever they are to describe, highlight, state or explain any concept, they should explain their points in order to score full marks.
(3) The use of poor grammar
Some candidates answered questions by using poor grammatical expressions which made their explanations difficult to understand and thus, loss some marks. Candidates can improve their grammar by reading textbooks, newspapers and magazines.
(4) Poor graph work
Quite a good number of candidates could not represent the temperature and rainfall data on a combined graph. Candidates are expected to practice the art of representation of data with graph papers.

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