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Geography Paper 2 , Nov/Dec 2008  
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General Comments

Candidates' weakness

The following areas of weakness were observed on the candidates’ scripts:

1. Low performance due to poor reading culture

It was observed that simple geographical concepts like population growth, population density, pattern of trade, functions of urban centres, etc were not understood by a good proportion of the candidates.  This points to their poor study habits.

2. Scanty explanations

Adequate explanations were lacking in the scripts of most candidates where explanations were required.  Candidates should not be satisfied with mere listing as this will lead to loss of valuable marks.

3. Poor diagrams

Many candidates had poor drawings.  The maps drawn by such candidates were below standard.  Deliberate efforts should be made by candidates to practice map drawing and insertion of features on maps.   

4. Low performance in regional studies


It was observed that candidates generally performed low in questions that covered the entire West Africa and Africa as a continent.  They also had limited knowledge of geographical regions.

Candidates are advised to spend time in studying the various geographical regions and ensure they cover the syllabus on Africa as a continent paying close attention to the topics outlined in the syllabus.










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