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Geography Paper 2 , Nov/Dec 2009  
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General Comments

Candidates' weakness

1)Poor presentation of sketch maps

Some candidates drew very poor sketch maps of Nigeria and Africa.  Consequently, they could not locate the required features properly which made them lose precious marks.

It is advised that candidates spend some time practicing the act of map drawing so that they could master the drawing of maps.

(2)Incomplete coverage of the syllabus

From the candidates’ poor responses in questions on surveying, map reading and Africa, it is obvious that most candidates did not fully cover the syllabus.It is advisable that candidates start preparing for the examination on time to ensure that they fully cover the syllabus before the examination commences.

(3) Inadequate explanations of points

Most candidates merely listed points and did not adequately explain them.  This made them lose precious marks as they were expected to give adequate explanation of points.

(4)Poor grammatical expression

Some candidates could not construct good English. This made it impossible for them to properly express their views on the questions raised.

Candidates are advised to spend some time developing their skills in English Language since this is the medium of communication.  They can achieve this through reading of novels, magazines, newspapers, textbooks, journals, etc

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