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Hausa Paper 2, May/June 2009  
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General Comments

Question 1

(a)Ways of blocking the activities of cultist in Secondary Schools.

Hanyoyin dakile ayyukan kungiyoyin asiri a Makarantun Sakandare.

(b)Things I do everyday.

Abubuwan da nake yi a kowace rana.

(c) Continuity or single tenure, which is the best for Nigerian politics?

Ta-zarce ko mulki sau daya wane ya fi dacewa da Nijeriya?

(d) Write a letter to your uncle expressing your joy when you spent the last holidays with him.

Rubuta wasika zuwa ga kawunka ka bayyana masa irin jin dadin zama da ka yi da shi a lokacin da ka yi hutu wajensa.

(e) The king is not the problem but the Courtier

Rijiya ta ba da ruwa, guga ya hana.


(A) The candidates were expected to write possible ways that could help in blocking the activities of cultist in our Secondary Schools.  In attempting this question, candidates were expected to mention things like: the school authority should take note of strange behaviours of some students; religious leaders should be involved in educating the students on the dangers of such an evil association; severe punishment should be meted on the culprits; etc.  Few candidates attempted the question and their performance was fair.

(B) This is a descriptive essay and the candidates were expected to write on their daily routine either as a boarding or day student.  In attempting the question, candidates were to start explaining right from the time they woke up from bed till they go back to sleep.  Some of those things may include: prayers, sanitation, bathing, greetings, taking break, etc.  Many candidates attempted this question and their performance was encouraging.

(C) The question is an argumentative essay, it sought the opinion of the candidates on the appropriate tenureship for the political office holders.  Very few candidates attempted the question and their performance was poor. 

(D) The candidates were expected to write an informal letter using the following format:

  • Address of the writer
  • Salutation
  • Introduction
  • Content
  • Conclusion

The content of the letter which may include the following points:

  • kind of accommodation given to you;
  • food, clothes, pocket money;
  • money for the purchase of textbooks and other educational materials; etc.

Many candidates attempted the question and their performance was fair.

(E) The statement above is a proverb.  It required the candidates to give it’s meaning, narrate a story that will end with that proverb and further mention other proverbs of it’s equivalent, e.g.

(i)  Ba a mugun Sarki sai mugun Bafade.
(ii)  Hana ruwa gudu.

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