Health Science Paper 1, May/June 2010  
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General Comments

The candidates' weaknesses include their inability to:
adhere to rubrics
write correct spellings in labellings
point quality and depth of answers
label diagrams correctly
state functions of the parts labelled in the diagram
to answer a question on a page in their answer scripts
to express themselves in simple English
to write on their own rather the candidates copied one another
to define posture\list defects of the foot
state features of the body forms in humans.
state factors that could contribute to juvenile delinquency.
mention habits that are injurious to human health
to cover the syllabus by the teachers and students
to understand questions properly
to understand vocabulary words and heath terms.
The following remedies were suggested to overcome the weaknesses:
teachers should cover the syllabus from SSI - SS3 before the examination period with students
students should be more hard working in their academic work
teachers should lay more emphasis on correct spellings
teachers should instruct the students to draw diagrams and label the parts
students should improve in their vocabulary and learn health terms
students should emphasise on key points during teaching
students should avoid rate memory or cramming of names of structures.
make use of textbooks when reading/learning
students should study better rather than engage in copy work during examinations

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