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Health Science Paper 2, May/June 2009  
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General Comments

Question 4

((a)          (i)      State six differences between mitosis and meiosis.                           [6 marks]  
             (ii)       Name five places in the human body where mitosis occurs.             [5 marks]

(b) What is ante-natal care?                                                                             [3 marks] 

(c) Mention six activities that are carried out at an ante-natal clinic.              [6 marks]



This question was not popular and candidates’ performance was poor.

In part (a)(i) candidates could not state differences between mitosis and meiosis.  In part (a)(ii) candidates could not name the five places in the human body where mitosis occur.    


The expected answers were as follows:
4(a)(i)  Differences between mitosis and meiosis 
tabletable            MITOSIS                                                         MEIOSIS
-           Occurs in somatic cell/growth of        -           Occurs during gamete/sex cell
            somatic cells;                                                   production                 
-           Chiasmata not formed;                       -           Chiasmatal formed;
-           two daughter cells are formed;           -           four daughter cells are formed                                                                                                                   
-           Chromosome number of parent is       -           Chromosome number of
            same as that of daughter cell;                          parent twice that of daughter
-           diploid cell formed;                             -          haploid cell formed;
-           chromosome of each daughter cell      -          chromosome of daughter cells            
            identical;                                                          vary;
-           no crossing over occurs;                      -          crossing over occurs;
-           offspring identical.                              -          offspring vary.

    • Places in the Human body where mitosis occurs 
    • skin;
    • ear;
    • brain;   
    • blood;
    • bone.
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