Health Science Paper 3, Nov/Dec. 4  
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General Comments

Candidates' Strength
  1. The candidates’ weaknesses include their inability to:

    • coordinate sentences together;
    • write legibly;
    • express themselves in correct english;
    • write correct spellings of the labelled parts of illustrated diagrams;
    • name the lumbar vertebra;
    • state function of transverse process, neural canal and centrum of the lumbar vertebra;
    • state bones found at the upper and lower regions of the lumbar vertebra;
    • state advantages of steaming food;
    • state functions of laboratories and dispensaries;
    • state dangers associated with quackery.

      The following remedies were suggested to overcome these weaknesses:

      • candidates’ should improve in their reading culture e.g. reading and writing of essays and stories;
      • handwriting practice should be imbibed and inculcated among youths or young school leavers;
      • dictionaries should be used whenever new words and terminologies are discovered to avoid spelling mistakes;
      • use of WAEC syllabus should be encouraged when reading.
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