Leather Goods Manufacturing & Repairs 2, May/June 2014  
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Question 5


(a)        What is the difference between tools and equipment?
(b)        State the functions of any four of the following leather crafting tools:
            (i)         Stanley knife;
            (ii)        Mallet;
(iii)       Thonging chisel;
(iv)       Stitch marker;
(v)        Rotary punch.

This question was not too popular among the candidates. The few candidates that attempted it were unable to score maximum marks because they could not state in clear  terms the functions of the leather crafting tools in the (b) part of the question. Candidates were expected to provide the following answers to score maximum marks in this question.

  • Tools are working implements utilized with the aid of the hand while equipment    are stationed and could be operated mechanically, electrically or manually with   both hands and legs.

            Tools are usually small in size, handful and movable while equipment are usually    big, heavy and stationed.

  • (i)         Stanley knife -  It is used for cutting thick or heavy leather. 
  • It is used for cutting straight and curved lines on leather as it comprises both straight and curve blades.  
  • It is capable of producing shallow, deep and neat cuts on leather. 
  • It is used for cutting sandal soles.


            (ii)        Mallet –

  • It is used to flatten raised surface on leather. 
  • It is used to flatten the bulk of seam;  
  • It is used to set a glued join.

            (iii)       Thronging chisel :

  • It is used to produce slit holes.
  •  The diagonal pronging chisel produces slits that run at an angle to the outer edge of the leather being laced;
  • The chisels with few prongs are best for negotiating curves.

            (iv)       Stitch marker : It serves as a basic tool for measuring and marking holes;

  • It is used to make accurate guide marks for punching stitch holes;
  • The space of the teeth helps to give even stitch marks on leather.

            (v)        Rotary punch :

  • It is useful for making holes on straps, belts e.t.c ;
  • It helps to provide holes for rivets, eyelets e.t.c ;
  • It helps to provide variety of holes as the rotating head has six different size punches that can be used at different instances.


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