Leather Goods Manufacturing And Repairs Paper 2 May/June 2015

Question 3

With the aid of a well labelled diagram, describe four parts of a male laced shoe.



A good number of candidates attempted this question and scored relatively low marks. The question required that candidates describe four parts of a male laced shoe with the aid of an appropriate diagram. Most candidates drew a male palm sandal in instead of a male laced shoe which prevented them from scoring higher marks. Candidates were expected to answer thus:

(i)         Top line           -           the top edge of the upper
(ii)        Tougue            -           a tongue-like leather attached to the vamp; it protects the
top of the foot from the eyelet and the lace

(iii)       Eyelet/lacehole -          it protects the lace hole, it enhances the movement of the
-           the lace hole is meant for the shoe lace
(iv)       Throat line       -           The line around the edge of the vamp throat
(v)        Toe cap            -           the front part of the upper of a shoe; reinforced and
curved to serve as a shield to the toes.
(vi)       Quarter          -           the complete upper part of a shoe behind the vamp                                                                           and covering the sides. 
-           It is reinforced to support the back part or the rear of the foot.
(vii)      Vamp             -           The lower forward part of the shoe upper.
(viii)     Heel              -           part of the sole that raises the rear of the shoe in relation to the front.                                                             
(ix)       Top piece         -           part of the heel that comes in contact with the ground.
-           a layer of material below the heel that comes in contact with the ground.
(x)        Welt            -           a strip of leather between the edge of the crevice of the                                                           upper and sole lying flat on the edge of the sole.