Visual Art Paper 2, Nov/Dec. 2010  
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General Comments


Some of the weaknesses observed in candidates' Scripts include:
(I) Poor composition
Objects were drawn in isolation and independent of each other and this resulted in lack of unity in composition.
(2) Inaccurate representation.i:lmbveak drawing quality
Objects were inacurrately represented as some candidates made their drawing out of imagination rather than from the observation of objects arranged before them. Objects and human figure were drawn without regard to proportion and the handling of media (drawing materials) was weak. All these had adverse effects on the quality of the drawings. The difficulty of depicting drapes, foreshortening, legs, hands and feet has almost become permanent in life drawing.
(3) Poor utilization of space
Some drawings were made rather small or too large for the available space. This is an indication of a poor skill of layout, in which candidates were expected to fit their drawing proportionately to available space.
(4) Poor shading skill
The application of shading by some candidates was very poor. Some candidates demonstrated obvious ignorance of the essence and techniques of shading, which is expected to be used in graded tones to depict the solidity and three-dimensionality of forms, as well as indicating the source oflight.
(5) Non-application of the appropriate medium (material)
Candidates' failure to use the appropriate materials for drwaing is also a noticeable weakness. It. cannot be disputed that pencil is one of the most acceptable materials for drawing. But for Visual Art, the appropriate and
acceptable pencil for drawing and shading is the 2B, 3B, 4B, 5B etc. Some candidates however, decided to use the HB grade which has a limitation in achieving the required grading of tones in shading.
Addressing the inadequacies identified above requires:
(I) Adequate training for candidates to understand and appreciate the qualities of good drawings. These include: accurate proportion, shading in graded tones, perspective, balanced' composition and proportional and accurate representation offigure and objects.
(2) Candidates should seek tutelage under qualified and proficient art teachers or professionals. This will avail them the opportunity of constant practice, professional guidance and criticism prior to taking any public examination.
(3) Candidates should also cultivate the habit of visiting higher institutions of learning to interact with art students, as well as visiting galleries and attending art exhibitions. This would expose them to quality artworks that can inspire them to excellenece.

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