Visual Art Paper 2, May/June 2010  
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General Comments


Candidates' apparent weaknesses include:
(1)     Misinterpretation of questions - drawing out of context. Apparently due to poor knowledge of English language, candidates m is interpreted the question by drawing out of the context of the question.
(2)     Inaccurate representation of objects is another obvious weakness of candidates.
(3)     Poor knowledge and techniques of shading, which manifested in inability to depict the effect of light on objects. Some candidates drew only the shape (outline) of objects without using shading in graded tones to give form and solidity to the objects.
(4)     Subjective drawing from memory instead of drawing objects as arranged.
(5)     Lack of unity in drawing, as objects were represented in isolation rather than as
one composition.
(6)     Improper uses of space, as pictures were either drawn too small or too big for the available space.

The aforementioned weaknesses can be addressed through:
(1)      Constant practice of drawing with particular attention to perspective, proportion, line quality, shading, proper layout and composition.
 (2)       Proper knowledge and mastery of the elements and principles of art.
(3)       Training by qualified teachers.
(4)       Constant visits to art exhibitions for exposure to quality art works.

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