Visual Art Paper 2, Nov/Dec. 2011  
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General Comments


The following are the weaknesses observed in candidates’ works:

(1)       Inaccurate Representation of Objects
A good number of candidates could not make accurate representation of objects. It appears such candidates made their drawings from memory rather than from observation of the composed objects.

(2)       Inappropriate Application of Tonal Values
Shading was flat and schematic without being graded in various tones to give solidity. In such drawings too, there was no indication of the source of light.

(3)       Poor Composition
Objects were drawn in isolation rather than in the ideal unified whole.  This resulted in works without unity, balance and harmony.

(4)       Inappropriate Use of Space
Candidates lack the skill for proper layout and organization. The spaces were not properly used.  Some pictures were too small and others were too large in relation to the available space. Candidates were expected to use the paper to advantage, by creating moderate, centrally positioned and balanced pictures.


(1)       Candidates should be properly trained on the rudiments of good drawing e.g. proportion, shading in graded tones, balance and layout. Candidates should also learn to draw from observation.

(2)       Candidates should endeavour to practice drawing constantly under the guidance of qualified and competent teachers. Such teachers should also demonstrate practically to candidates.  Proper critique of works should be carried out at the end of such exercises.

(3)       Candidates should develop the attitude of visiting exhibitions, galleries and even higher institutions of learning where art and design is offered. This is capable of exposing them to quality artworks, which will in turn help them to grasp the qualities of good drawings.

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