Visual Art Paper 2, May/June 2011  
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General Comments


Candidates manifested the following weaknesses:

  1. Poor use of space
    The spaces provided for painting and graphics were not properly used by the candidates. The layout was poor and the sizes of design/composition were either too large or too small for the available space.
  2. Poor construction of letters and illegible captions
    The lettering for the posters was poorly constructed and spaced. Captions were quite illegible in most cases.
  3. Inappropriate application of colours, tones and perspective
    Colours were wrongly combined as the principle of harmony was disregarded, and tones were limited. In addition, perspective was wrongly applied in most cases.

These shortfalls can be addressed effectively if candidates prepare sufficiently for the examination by:

  1. Constantly practicing drawing, painting and design under the guidance of qualified and proficient art teachers or professionals.
  2. Visiting art exhibitions in order to get exposure to quality artworks.
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