Visual Art Paper 3, May/June 2010  
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General Comments


Noticeable weaknesses include:
(1) Weak knowledge of colour application
Candidates were unable to interpret their drawing proportionally, in relation to other forms in the pictures and they also manifested a weakness in colour application principles as unrelated colours were combined.
(2) Inability to make effective imaginative composition
Candidates' compositions were drab and uninspiring as figures were scattered unrelatedly.
(3) Lack of necessary art materials
Since there is no alternative to using the right materials, the quality of work was very low since most candidates did not procure the necessary art materials like brushes, poster colours etc.

The weaknesses identified above could be addressed through:
 (1)Proper understanding of the principles and elements of art / design)
(2Employment of qualified teachers
(3)Proper teaching and learning of colour theory.
(4) Constant practice of drawing, both from imagination and observation.
(5)Pupilage under master artists
(6)Visits to art exhibition and advertising agencies.
(7)Acquisition of necessary art materials.

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