Visual Art Paper 3, Nov/Dec. 2011  
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General Comments



Candidates manifested the following weaknesses:

(1)       Uncoordinated Arrangements of elements
The various elements of the design were not coordinated (unified) thereby leading to lack of unity and harmony in the design. The book cover design was considerably affected in this regard.

(2)       Lack of the required Materials
The materials required for effectiveness in creative designs were conspicuously not available to candidates. This robbed the works of the quality and richness required for success in such exercises.

(3)       Poor construction of letters and illegible captions
The lettering for the posters was poorly constructed and spaced. Captions were quite illegible and in most cases, received less attention than the slogan.


These deficiencies could be addressed successfully if candidates prepare adequately for the examination by:
(1)       Constantly practicing drawing, painting and design under the guidance of qualified and proficient art teachers or professionals.

(2)       Ensuring that the required materials are procured.

(3)       Visiting exhibitions for more learning experiences and if practicable, interact with art students in higher educational institutions. This will acquaint candidates with the requirements of quality artworks.

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