Visual Art Paper 3B (Creative Design) May/June 2015

General Weaknesses

The following were some of the weaknesses noticed in the works of the candidates:

  1. Poor Technical proficiency

Candidates found it difficult to construct letters as required in some of the questions on graphic design. Illustrations and imaginative compositions were inadequately executed. Perspective and proportion were also disregarded.

  1. Poor knowledge and application of colours

Candidates exhibited poor knowledge of the theory and application of colours. Colours were combined without any consideration for harmony.

  1. Inadequate preparation

This deficiency manifested in unfinished or hasty works. Design attempts were not properly finished.

The weaknesses identified above could be addressed through the following:
(1)        Understanding the elements and principles of art
A good understanding and application of the elements and principles of art is necessary for success in creative design.
(2)        Exposure to quality art works
Students should be exposed to quality art works through visits to art exhibitions, advertising agencies and media houses. They can also subject themselves to tutelage in established art studios or under competent professionals.
(3)        Constant practice
Students should learn to draw at all times. Therefore, it is necessary that they arm themselves with sketchbooks to enable them engage in constant drawing.