Woodwork Paper 1, Nov/Dec. 2012  
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General Comments

Question 1

  1. Make the test piece shown on page 2, using the following materials;

(all dimensions are in millimetres):

two pieces – 210 x 40 x 30 hardwood;
two pieces – 160 x 30 x 30 hardwood;
one piece – 205 x 115 x 5 plywood;
2 No. 12 mm x 4 countersink head woodscrew.

  1. You may use any of the ordinary hand tools but the use of glue, glass-paper, files, rasps and scrapers is not allowed
  2. Any dimensions which are omitted from the drawing are left to your own discretion.
  1. If you make any mistakes, work as near to the drawing as possible.  Additional materials will not be supplied.
  1. Print your name and index number clearly on each piece of wood and assemble your work before handing it to the Supervisor.


Step 1

Candidates were required to make two lapped dovetail joints.

Most candidates were able to identify the joint to be made.  They were able to make the joint correctly.   However, some of them were unable to cut and chop off the waste accurately.

Each candidates’ final workpiece was to have two tails (4 pitches, 2 sides and 4 shoulders) and two sockets (4 sides, 2 bottoms, 2 ends and fitness of joint).

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