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Woodwork Paper 2, May/June . 2008  
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Question 2

Select one of the sketches in question 1 and to a scale of 1:5, draw in the first angle orthographic projection, the:
(a) front elevation:
(b) Sectional and elevation through the draw:
(c) Plan with tope removed:

A dressing table is to be designed to meet the following specifications:
width ― 750;
depth ― 500;
height ― 700;
overall height including mirror ― 1100;
on 100 mm deep drawer for keeping dressing kits.



(a) Few candidates did very well in this question. Candidates were expected to:
-produce drawings with good layout;
-have their plan below the front elevation;
-indicate the cutting plane on the front elevation, this will determine the position of the view;
-fully dimension each view, with their respective names.

(b) Few candidates answered this question correctly. However,most candidates did not indicate the section plane.
The following were the expected response from the candidates:
-good layout;
-sectional view with correct sectional representation of the material used;
-the plan and sectional end view were to be projected from the front elevation;
-the view must be that of one of the design sketched in question one.

(c) Few candidates attempted this question correctly. However, most candidates did not show all the framing members. They were expected to show all the framing members which include: Legs (in section), rails, two drawer sites, drawer back, drawer bottom, drawer front, drawer knobs or pull, drawer stopper with good lien quality.

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