Woodwork Paper 2, Nov/Dec. 2011  
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General Comments




Question 1

A game table with a ludo top is to be designed to the following specifications:

  1. the top is framed with 50 mm wide x  20 mm thick members;
  2. the unframed ludo card is 450 mm wide x  450 mm mounted on 6 mm plywood;
  3. the overall height of the table is 460 mm.

Question 1

Make two different preliminary freehand pictorial sketches of the table.


Few candidates were able to draw two different sketches of the table.

However, many candidates drew:

  1. one design in two places;
  2. with straight edge;
  3. without showing overall dimensions.

The candidates’ drawings were expected to show:

  • framed top with the ludo card;
  • under frame showing rails, legs and any other decorations.

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