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Woodwork Paper 3, Nov/Dec. 2008  
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Question 2

(a) State three differences between softwood and hardwood.

(b)  (i)    Sketch a butt hinge
     (ii)    Label three parts of the hinge sketched in (b)(i)

(c)  (i)    State two reasons for sanding wood surfaces before applying finishes.

     (ii)    Name two types of abrasives.


Most candidates were able to:

  • differentiate between softwood and hardwood;
  • sketch a butt hinge;
  • label parts of the hinge;
  • name a suitable screw for fixing the butt hinge;
  • state reasons for sanding wood surfaces  before applying finishes;
name types of abrasives.

The expected answer to question 2 is as given below:
(a) Differences between softwood and hardwood

Softwood                                                        Hardwood
- Leaves are needle-like                                  - Leaves are broad
- Evergreen                                                      - Deciduous
- Naked seeds                                                 - Enclosed seeds
- Cells are non-pored                                       - Cells are pored           

(b)        (i)         Sketch of Butt Hinge









    1. Naming suitable screw for Butt Hinge

-           Countersunk headscrew

(c)        (i)         Reasons for Sanding Wood Surfaces

                                    -           To remove unwanted marks
                                    -           To make the surface smooth
                                    -           To remove stains.

             (ii)        Naming of types of Abrasives

                                    -           Flint
                                    -           Garnet
                                    -           Emery cloth
                                    -           Glasspaper
                                    -           Sandpaper

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