Woodwork Paper 3, May/June . 2009  
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Question 2

  1. (a) Sketch a labelled exploded pictorial view of a two-tail through dovetail joint.
    (b) (i)   List three methods of producing curved shapes.
    (ii) List four types of chisels used in wood turning.
    (c) State one use of each of the following as related to mass production:

    (i) template;
    (ii) go-no-go gauges.

    (d)   Explain the term ital as used in mass production.


Very few candidates did well in this question.  Majority of them failed to:

  • sketch the exploded pictorial view of a two-tail through dovetail joint correctly;
  • list methods of producing curved shapes;
  • list the types of chisel used in wood turning;
  • state the use of template and go-no-go gauges in mass production;
  • explain the term “trial run” in mass production.

The expected response to question 2 is as given below:

  • Exploded pictorial view of a two-tail through dovetail joint.

(b)v (i)         Methods of Producing Curved Shapes
-           Cutting
-           Steam bending using formers
-           Laminating
-           Kerfing

(ii)        Types of Chisel used in Wood Turning
   -           square nose chisel
   -           skew chisel
   -           round nose chisel
    -           gouge
   -           spear chisel
   -           parting chisel.

(c) (i)         Use of Template
  -           for checking accuracy of cut shapes
  -           for repetitive production.

          (ii)        Use of go-no-go gauges
-  for checking accuracy of sizes instead of measuring directly on the piece.

  • Explanation of Trial Run

This is a preliminary production process in which parts are produced and assembled to identify and correct problem areas before embarking on mass production of items.

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