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Woodwork Paper 3, Nov/Dec 2013  
Questions: 1 2 3 4 Main
General Comments


Question 1:

  1. Name four safety equipment required in a workshop.
  2. State two safety precautions for preventing ‘kick back’ on the circular saw.
  3. Sketch a marking gauge and label the following parts:


  1. thumb screw;
  2. spur;
  3. brass plate.
  1. (i)         Name three parts of the surface planer.

(ii)        name one safety device used on the surface planer.


Most candidates were able to:

            -           name safety equipment required in a workshop;
            -           state the safety precautions for preventing kick-back on the circular saw;
            -           sketch a marking gauge.

            However, they were unable to:
            -           label the given parts of a marking gauge;
            -           name parts of the surface planer;
            -           name the safety device used on the surface planer.

            The expected response to question 1 is as given below:

  • Workshop safety equipment:


-           first aid box
-           fire extinguishers
-           apron
-           fire hydrant
-           fire alarm
-           gloves
-           sand buckets
-           bowl of water and soap
-           ear plugs or ear muffs
-           nose guard
-           goggle
            (b)       Safety precautions to prevent kick back

                        -           feed stock slowly
                        -           do not keep saw running in the stock without feeding in
                        -           do not use dull (blunt) saw
                        -           a riving knife should be set in place
                        -           use push stick
                        -           use saw with a good set
                        -           hold stock firmly

            (c)        Sketch of marking gauge

            (d)       (i)         Parts of the surface planer

                                    -           front table
                                    -           back table
                                    -           cutter block
                                    -           switch
                                    -           fence
                                    -           guard
                                    -           knife/cutter/blade
                                    -           fence clamp
                                    -           adjusting wheel
                                    -           motor
                                    -           lever
                                    -           hand screw
                                    -           body/frame.


                        (ii)        Safety device used on the surface planer

  • push block
  • bridge guard
  • fence.
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