Yoruba Paper 2,May/June. 2010  
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General Comments

Question 1

Ko aroko ti ko din ni 300 eyo oro lorioro kan soso ti o ba yan.
(a)ojo akoko mi ni ile-eko girama
(b) Awon obinrin n ko arun eedi ju awon akunrin lo
(d) Awon ounje ibile wa
(e)Oluko ti mo feran ju
(f)Ko leta si alaga ibile re lori isele ole jija to gbode kan ati ohun ti o fe ki won se lori re


(a)This is a narrative essay on their first day in secondary school. Some of the candidates that attempted it tackled the question properly by narrating the individual's experience on that day.

(bThis is an argumentative essay. Most candidates failed to balance the argument. They stuck to only one part instead of arguing for and against the proposition that females contact HIV/AIDS more than their male counterparts.

(d)This essay demands an appreciation of indigenous Yoruba foods. Most candidates answered the question fairly well.

(e)The Tutor that I like most". However, the tutor's weakness(es) were rarely touched.

(f)A formal letter to the Chairman of their Local Government Area on the matter of increasing cases of armed robbery. Few candidates answered the question satisfactorily.

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