Yoruba Paper 2,Nov/Dec. 2014  
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General Comments

Question 1

  1. K? a`ro`k? tiŽ ko` diŽn niŽ 300 ?y? ?`r?` loŽriŽ oriŽ-?`r?` kan ?o?o tiŽ o baŽ ya`n.
    (a)      I`ja` i`gboro kan tiŽ oŽ ??l?` laŽgbe`gbe` mi.
    (b)     FaŽa`riŽ a`?eju`.
    (d)     I??Ž o?u` daŽra ju i??Ž a`daŽni l?.
    (e)      I`taku`r?`s? tiŽ oŽ waŽyeŽ laŽa`aŽriŽn A`ka`nniŽ a`ti A`b?`oŽ loŽriŽ i`wuŽlo` a`w?n ?l?Žpa`aŽ niŽ a`wu`j? wa. (?)       K? l?Žta` siŽ ?`r?Ž r? tiŽ oŽ wa` loŽke` o`kun laŽti s? fuŽn un niŽpa akitiyan i`j?ba oriŽl?`-e`de` r?
    laŽti d?Žkun a`ru`n eŽe`di`.


The essay requires the candidates to give a detailed narrative account of a public disorder that happened in their area. Most candidates did fairly well.

(b)       This is an expository essay on excessive fashion. Candidates performed below average.

(d)       Monthly pay job is better than being self employed: This is an argumentative essay but most candidates failed to balance their arguments.  They limited themselves to one part instead of mentioning the pros and cons of both sides, thereby limiting their scores.

(e)       This is a dialogue on the importance of police in our society. Candidates seem not to be familiar with this type of essay, hence, their poor performance.

(?)       An informal letter to a friend overseas on the government’s efforts in curtailing the spread of HIV/AIDS. Most of the candidates that attempted this essay did very well.


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