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Agricultural Science Paper 1, May/June 2008  
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General Comments

Candidates' weakness

  • Majority of the candidates were unable to:
  • List characteristics of specimens A (Poultry droppings) and B (NPK 15 -15-15); list precautions to be observed when applying specimens A and B;
  • State which of the specimens A or B would be recommended to improve clay soil and give reasons;
  • Identify the equipment labelled D (Milking machine);
  • Name the parts labelled I to VII in diagrams C (Incubator) and D state precautions to be observed when using equipment C and D;
  • Name the part of the plant usually attacked by specimens E (Maize weevil), F (Cotton~ bolls/okro fruits/akee apple), G (termite) and H (Grasshopper);
  • Give ways by which each of specimens E , F, G and H damages crops; state methods of controlling specimen E;
  • State the functions of specimen K (Rumen);
  • Name the process involved in preserving fresh quantity of specimen L (Milk).
  • (l) Schools should be compelled to operate a demonstration farm as a condition for presenting
  • candidates for Agricultural Science examination;
  • (2) Teachers of agriculture should pay more attention to the practical demands of the subject rather
  • Hand theoretical concepts;
  • Excursion and field trips to places of agricultural importance should be made compulsory for
  • Schools;
  • Government should give financial assistance to schools to enable them establish a
  • Integrated farm for the teaching and learning of agriculture


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