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Agricultural Science Paper 3, Nov/Dec 2009  
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General Comments

Question 2

The diagram below illustrates an animal-drawn implement.  Use it to answer questions 2(a),(b),(c) and (d).

  1.   Name the parts labelled I to VI in the diagram above.                   [ 3 marks]
  2.   Describe briefly how the implement is used .                                 [4 marks]
  3.    State three functions of the implement.                                         [3 marks]
  4.    State five maintenance practices for the implement.                     [ 5 marks]

This question was fairly attempted by the candidates.   In 2(a), majority of the candidates were able to  name the parts labeled I to VI in the animal- drawn implement.  However, in 2 (b), many candidates were unable to describe how the animal-drawn implement (mouldboard plough) is used.   Further to this, majority of the candidates could not state functions of the animal-drawn implement(mouldboard plough).

    In 2 (d), majority of the candidates were able to state maintenance practices for the animal-drawn
    implement (mouldboard plough).

    The expected answers include:

    Description of how the implement is used:

    -     The implement is attached to one/two draught animals joined together by a yoke with a rope.
    -.    Rope tied to the animal
    -     The implement is pulled as the animal moves.
    -     The operator handles the implements at the rear end to control its operation
    -     The share cuts the soil
    -     The mouldboard turns the soil

    Functions of the implement

    -     Used for primary tillage operation
    -     Cuts the soil and buries stubble mulch

    -     Mixes manure with the soil during operation
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