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Biology Paper 1 Practical, May/June 2008  
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General Comments

  • The drawing and labelling of specimen H/tomato fruit was satisfactorily done by many candidates but some candidates failed to show the cut surface with double lines and so lost marks. some candidates also lost marks due to poor spelling of labels e.g. epicard and mesocard instead of epicarp and mesocarp.
  • In stating the fruit type, a good number of candidates correctly identified the fruit as a berry, but some candidates wrote tomato fruit and so lost marks. Also many candidates could not give other examples of berries.
  • Expected answers include:
  • Guava, pepper, garden egg, pawpaw, oranges/any correctly named citrus fruit.
  • Only a few candidates could identify the tomato as a true fruit and most of them could not state the reason for classifying it as such, namely that it developed from a fertilized ovary. Most candidates could identify vitamins as the nutrient contained in tomatoes leaving out other nutrients such as mineral salts, carbohydrates and so lost the mark.
  • In answering question 4(b) most candidates could identify the common feature as all the specimens are leaves and they could state the observable features of specimen J/Gloriosa/Pumpkin, K/Bryophyllum and L/Onion bulb. Most candidates could not state the mode of propagation of specimens K & L and the biological significance of specimen K. A few candidates merely wrote a sexual as the mode of propagation.
  • Expected answers include:
  • Mode of vegetative propagation of K and L
    • K/Bryophllum
    • Sprouting 0 adventitious buds at margins of leaves
    • Specimen L/Onion bulb
    • Terminal/lateral buds; sprout into new aerial shoots
    • Biological significance of K
    • Vegetative reproduction;
    • Storage organ (stores water, mineral salts, etc.);
    • Characteristics of apparent plant ~re preserved;
    • Can photosynthesize.


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