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Biology Paper 3,Nov/Dec 2008  
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General Comments

Candidates' weakness

The identified weaknesses of candidates were:   

  • poor understanding of the demands of the questions; 
  • poor spelling of labels and technical terms;
  • use of wrong terms in answering questions e.g. splinter instead of splint, nails instead of claws, gaseous exchange instead of respiration etc;
  • writing of scientific names with small letters e.g. agama agama instead of Agama agama;
  • poor knowledge of experimental procedures especially those involving chemistry;
  • poor knowledge of classification and Nitrogen cycle;
  • inability to relate structure to function.

The following remedies were proffered to overcome these weaknesses:

  • Candidates should be encouraged to read their books;
  • Emphasis should be placed on teaching technical terms in biology;
  • Rote learning should be discouraged in Biology;
  • All students in secondary schools should be exposed to all science subjects in SS. I.
  • Practical lessons should be an integral part of teaching science and not left to the end of SS III.
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