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Chemistry Paper 2 (Essay) ,May/June 2008  
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General Comments

Candidates' Weakness

Candidates weaknesses include the following:

  1. non adherence to rubrics;
  2. poor communication skills;
  3. illegible handwritings;
  4. answering more than one question on the same page of the answer script;
  5. inability to write electronic structure of transition metals;
  6. incomplete definition of some terms;
  7. inability to give correct use of helium  and argon;
  8. lack of understanding of the collision theory;
  9. inability to write a balanced equation to show that carbon is a reducing agent;
  10. non-familiarity with the prescribed syllabus;
inadequate preparation.

Candidates can overcome these weaknesses by

  1. familiarizing themselves with the requirements of the prescribed syllabus;
  2. adhering to rubrics;
  3. writing legibly;
  4. improving on their communication skills such that answers to question are correctly given using the appropriate technical language;
  5. preparing adequately for examination;
qualified teachers should be employed to impart the requisite knowledge.
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