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Geography Paper 1 ,May/June 2009  
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General Comments

Question 1

Study the map extract on a scale of 1:50, 000 and answer the following questions.
(a) Draw an outline of the area to a scale of 1:150,000.
(b) On your outline, mark and name:
   (i) a nodal settlement;
   (ii) one secondary road;
   (iii) the trigonometrical station northwest of Kaiama.
(c) Calculate the length of River Gbesha in the northeastern part of the map from point X.
(d) Identify:
   (i)two land use types in the mapped area;
   (ii) three social amenities in Kaiama.

This was a compulsory question which was answered by majority of the candidates. Their performance was fairly good. Scale conversion posed a lot of problems to some of the candidates as they failed to deduce that the map was to be reduced to ⅓ of its original size.  Those who could not correctly reduce the outline were not able to obtain accurate insertion of the required features.  Practices on scale conversion, map reduction and enlargement are required to obtain mastery in map reading and interpretation.  Many candidates also lost marks because of inaccurate measurement of the length of the stream.  The best way to measure a winding route is to use non elastic thread and carefully go through the curves to obtain the total length.  The measured length should be converted to actual distance by relating it to the scale of the map.

Some misunderstood function of settlements for landuse types.  The landuse types found on the map included:

  • Agriculture or farming because of the presence of scattered cultivation.
  • Transportation because of the presence of roads and paths.
  • Settlements because of the presence of towns and villages.
  • Animal grazing because of the presence of savanna.


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