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Geography Paper 2, May/June 2008  
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General Comments

Candidates' Weakness

    The weakness noticed on the candidates’ scripts were:
 (1)    Poor diagrams:

The diagrams that were used by most candidates for illustrations were too poor. Diagrammatic illustrations should be used by teachers in schools to prepare candidates ahead of the examinations. Assignments could be given to candidates to enable them practice drawing and insertion of geographical features on maps.

(2)     Mere listing of answers:

Many candidates merely listed answers instead of explaining the points. This made them to loose much marks. The teachers and tutorial centres should train their students how to give full answers.

(3)     Inability to interpret questions properly:

Some candidates jumped into answering questions without fully understanding its demands. This made them to loose precious marks. Candidates should take their time to read the questions carefully and understand its demands before attempting to answer them.


(4)      Poor expression:

                Some of the candidates expressed their points in very poor English. Thus, they were unable to articulate their points well because of poor power of expression. It is recommended that English language teachers in the schools spend quality time in drilling their students so that they could be able to express themselves well.

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