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Hausa Paper 2, May/June 2010  
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General Comments

Question 1

A. The importance of debt cancellation by the World Bank to Nigerians.
Mulimmancin yafe bashin bankin duniya ga ’yan Nigeriya.

B.My views concerning rotational government in Nigeria.
Ra’ayina game da mulkin karba-karba a tsakanin al’ummar kasa.

C. A turbanning ceremony that impressed me.
Wani bikin nadin saratuta day a kayatar da ni.

D. Write a letter to an Editor of a Newspaper giving your advice on how to reduce plain crash.

Rubuta wasika zuwa ga Editan wata jarida, ka bad a shawarwari a kan yadda za a rage hadarin jiragen sama.

E. Whoever bites more than he can chew should have himself to blame.

Kowa ya debo da zafi bakinsa


A.The candidates were expected to write on the relevance of canceling the debt owed the World Bank to Nigerians.  In attempting the question, candidates were expected to define what a world bank is, the reason for collecting the loan, the adverse effect of the loan to the economy and then the importance of the loan to Nigerians.  Some benefits of loan include among others employment opportunity, provision of health facilities, good roads, portable drinking water, electricity and sound education to the citizens.  Few candidates attempted the question and their performance was fair.

B.The question above is an argumentative essay where candidates were required to say their views regarding rotational system of government.  In it, they are expected to define rotational government and to show points in support or oppose.  Some points in support include avoiding suppression, bringing peace.  Contributions from different part of the country for development.  And in opposition included points among others, it will bring disunity, preventing citizens from electing their choice, underdevelopment and ethnicity and above all is against the rule of democracy.  Very few candidates attempted the question and their performance was poor.

C.The question above is a narrative essay and the candidates were required to narrate a turbaning ceremony (an impressive one) they have witnessed.  In the course of narration they are expected to mention the following points: sunan sarautar, ranar nadin, garin da aka yi nadin, lokacin da aka yi nadin, babban bako da manyan baki.  So also the happenings during the turbaning which may include: Wankan sarauta, askin sarauta, jawaban nadi, kade-kade da raye-raye, daba, liyafa da sauransu.The performance of the candidates was good.

D.This is a question on letter writing (formal) and the candidates were expected to write a formal letter using the following format:

- Address of the writer
- Editor’s address
- Salutation
- Topic
- The content of the letter which may include the following points: installation of modern equipment for it’s take off and landing, strengthening the airports to be of international standard, regular maintenance of the aircrafts, desisting from using old aircraft, training and retraining of pilots, provision of emergency equipments etc.Many candidates attempted the question and their performance was fair.

E.Above is a proverb, it requires the candidates to explain the meaning of the proverb and to mention other proverbs that are equivalent to it, such as:

- Wanda bai ji bari bay a ji hoho
- Tsuntsun day a jawo ruwa shi ruwa kan doka
- Son zuciya bacin zuciya
and they should also narrate a story that will translate the proverb.

Candidates’ performance on this question was encouraging.

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