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Health Science Paper 1, May/June 2009  
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General Comments

Question 3

The diagram below is an illustration of a section through an organ.  Study the diagram and use it to answer questions 3(a) to 3(b).

(a) (i)   Identify the organ illustrated in the diagram.                                               [1 mark]
     (ii)   Name the parts labelled I to X.                                                                   [5 marks]

(b) (i)  Mention one function of the part labelled X.                                                [1 mark]
     (ii)   State three ways of caring for the organ illustrated in the diagram.          [3 marks]




This question was very popular among the candidates and they performed fairly well in it.  In part (a)(ii) candidates committed spellings errors while identifying the labelled parts. In part (b)(i) candidates could not mention one function of the part labelled X which is the pinna.

The expected answers were as follows:

(ii)        Naming of the parts labeled I to X
            I           -           Semi circular canal;
            II         -           Auditory nerve;
           III         -           Oval window/Fenestral ovalis;
           IV         -           Cochlea;
            V         -           Eustachian/auditory tube;
          VI          -           Temporal bone;
         VII         -           Tympanum/ear drum/tympanic membrane;                                                                                                                                          
        VIII         -           External auditory meatus/ear cana/auditory canal;      
           IX         -           Auditory ossicles/Ear ossicles/named; 
X         -           Pinna/Ear lobe/External  ear.                                                                                                  
 (b)(i)   Function of pinna (X)
            -           collects/concentrates/directs sound waves into the ear.

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