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Health Science Paper 2, Nov/Dec. 2008  
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General Comments

Question 4

4.    (a)   (i)     List four contact diseases and their causative agents.                    [8 marks]
              (ii)    State four means by which the spread of contact diseases can
                       be controlled                                                                                   [4 marks]

     (b)    State the contributions of the following pioneers to Health Science:
              (i)     Leeuwenhoek;
             (ii)     Koch.                                                                                                [8 marks]



This was a fairly popular question with most of the candidates doing justice to it.  Candidates were familiar with contact diseases, causative organisms and the control.
However, In part (b) candidates were not able to answer the question properly.  Instead of mentioning the contributions of the Health pioneers candidates wrote on the history of the Health pioneers.

The expected answers were as follows:

  1. Contributions of

(i)         Leeuwenhoek
            -           Made lenses;
            -           Developed primitive microscope;
            -           Discovered the presence of microbes
            -           Discovered that hot temperature kill microbes
            -           Discovered that microbes could reproduce in a culture medium
            -           Discovered the idea of practical experimentation
            -           Taught scientist to make accurate observation before conclusion
Contribution of
(ii)        Koch
-           Studied Anthrax;
            -           Developed methods of growing bacteria outside the body of
-           Father of bacteriology;
-           Discovered bacteria responsible for cholera; tuberculosis/anthrax
-           Used strains/culture to properly study bacteria
-           Discovered the rod-shaped microbes that caused Anthrax

-           Discovered that specific microbes caused specific disease   

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