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General Mathematics Paper 2, Nov/Dec. 2008  
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General Comments
Question 9

In the diagram, a ladder LN 10m long, rests on a wall 4.5m high such that 2.5m of it projects beyond the wall.

  1. Calculate, correct to one decimal place, the angle which the ladder makes with the ground.
  2. How high above the ground is the upper end of the ladder?
If the foot of the ladder is moved by 2m further away from the wall, calculate, correct to the nearest degree, the angle which the ladder makes with the ground

Candidates’ attempt on this question was fair especially parts (a) and (b).  Many of them missed the (c) part because they did not quite understand what would happen as the ladder was moved by 2m further away from the wall. If the foot of ladder is moved a further 2m away from the wall, LP becomes (6 + 2)m = 8m, tanx = 4.5/8 and from the tables, x = 29°, to the nearest degree

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