Physics Paper 1, May/June 2013  
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General Comments




Weaknesses observed are as follows:

- Many candidates could not read measurements from instruments such as metre rule, stop watch, protractor, ammeter e.t.c. to the required accuracy.

- Many candidates could not express their calculations to the required significant figures.

- Inability to carry out instructions logically and in sequence as demanded.

- Inability to use pins to trace rays as many drawings have no pin hole.

- Many candidates were unable to plot graph involving numbers less than unit e.g. 0.018, 0.31 e.t.c.

- Poor computational skills

- Non adherence to rubric

- Poor language expressions

- late exposure to practical work

- Many candidates obtained negative values for the mass of sand M. Probably teachers did not complete/supplied vague information on the report form misleading the candidates/examiners e.g. teacher(s) stating density of sand as 2 gcm-3 4.51 gcm-3.

- rote learning - labeling of axes with letters x and y which represents specific measures in physics and not general coordinates as in mathematics - Many could not make deduction from graphs nor draw lines of best fit. 2. The following remedies were suggested:

- Teachers to place emphasis on measurements, plotting of graphs and making deductions from graphs.

- Teachers to endeavour to cover the scheme of examination.

- Teachers to organize enough practical classes before examination

- Teachers to expose candidates early enough to practical work.

- Teachers to drill candidates on the plotting of graphs and handling of numerical processes.

- Teachers to be properly motivated

- Teachers should fill and supply correct information as required in the report forms.

- WAEC to re-accredited schools based on possession of laboratories and equipments

- There should be synergy between parents and school authorities on how to make candidates develop the right attitude to learning.

- School to provide functional laboratories

- School to engage qualified and well trained physics teachers.

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