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Physics Paper 2, Nov/Dec. 2009  
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General Comments

Candidates' weakness

The inadequacies in the performance of candidates were attributed to the following weaknesses:

  • poor study habits;
  • lost of sight of key words in definitions;
  • inability to interpret correctly between the demands of the items framed with “why” from “explain why”;
  • poor communicative expression;
  • poor computational skill;
  • failure to present precise and acceptable definition of concepts such as latent heat, root-mean-square value of a.c, overtone as applied to musical note, - Elastic limit and Yield point.;
  • inability to explain (i)  the effect of temperature on surface tension of a liquid;  (ii) “electron gun”.
  • wasted time by recopying the questions in their answer booklets;
  • poor use of units in the final answers;
  • failure to use appropriate concepts of physics to explain banking of roads at bends, projection lantern and centripetal/centrifugal forces.

The suggested remedies were as follow:

  • Re-training of teachers should be organized by State Ministries of Education in collaboration with WAEC;
  • Physics Teachers should make greater effort to ensure adequate coverage of the syllabus;
  • Teachers should emphasis practical applications during classroom teaching;
  • Physics teachers are encouraged to make use of recent editions of text books;
  • More periods should be allotted to the teaching of Physics in schools time-table;
  • Physics teachers should as much as practicable relate class instructions to events taking place in the students’ environments;
- Schools should intensify the teaching of English and Mathematics so as to improve candidates’ communicative and computational skills respectively
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